Five necessities for mobile radiology success

There is a common occurrence we hear from multiple mobile radiology companies across the country.

MediMatrix releases Top Questions about medical practice billing systems

Billing has become “the talk” of the portable X-ray industry.  Most providers have many questions about how the federal government’s upcoming revisions to Medicare will affect how they bill and how they’re reimbursed. Every year, the American Portable Diagnostics Association (APDA) dedicates an entire two-day seminar to the topic of billing.  Specialists from MediMatrix will …

More physicians are adopting EMRs

By Ken Kern, Vice President of MediMatrix, a division of WebInterstate New stats from a survey by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show the number of physicians using electronic medical records (EMRs) more than doubled in just three years. Overall 55% of physicians in office-based practices now use EMRs. And of the 45% …

Movements in mobile radiology

Technology adoption has shifted the way the radiology industry manages patient information. With more nursing facilities, physician offices, and home health care agencies implementing electronic health record (EHR) systems, the need to connect these platforms for diagnostic image viewing has grown exponentially. To better understand this shift from paper to an electronic environment, we’ve asked …

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