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Our suite of solutions streamlines operations, including automating result sharing with numerous reading groups and EMRs, all while expediting reimbursements.

Why clients choose us

Your team is accountable for ensuring your clients receive speedy and accurate patient results. We solve this for our clients with our collection of purpose-built solutions.

Mobile radiology integration
Mobile radiology integration

See the difference with tools like 1-click image sharing to multiple reading groups and quick delivery of patient results to client’s EMRs.

Superior technologies
Superior technologies

As industry leaders, clients are able to leverage technology advances found in our solutions, keeping them ahead of the curve.

Patient care
Patient care

We strive to provide simplified healthcare solutions that enable clients to accurately and efficiently share information, ultimately improving patient care.

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What is Mobile Radiology?

About mobile radiology and the effectiveness of the premier solution, MediMatrix.

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Introducing MediMatrix Hospital Connect! More and more patients are receiving care in a home setting. Further accelerated by the Acute Hospital Care at Home (AHCaH) initiative and the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are presenting portable radiology companies with opportunities to conduct imaging and labs procedures on behalf of hospitals. MediMatrix Hospital Connect gives portable radiology companies …

The latest from MediMatrix

MediMatrix releases top questions about portable X-Ray billing systems Billing has become “the talk” of the portable X-ray industry. Most providers have many questions about how the federal government’s upcoming revisions to Medicare will affect how they bill and how they’re reimbursed. Every year, the American Portable Diagnostics Association (APDA) dedicates an entire two-day seminar …

Five necessities for mobile radiology success

There is a common occurrence we hear from multiple mobile radiology companies across the country.



MediMatrix has transformed the daily operations for our staff and customers.

CEO | New York

We were glad we had a team like the developers at MediMatrix to keep our EMR project moving along and push to finalize so we could deliver to our clients

CEO | Oklahoma

It is truly refreshing to work with folks who can quickly see the big picture and come up with a quick and efficient resolve to any issue.

Vice President | Nevada

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