MediMatrix Portable Connect

End-to-End Premier Mobile Radiology Solution

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Why MediMatrix Portable Connect?

We architected our platform from the ground up, centered around your day-to-day workload. We directly integrate most reading groups and EMRs to facilitate 1-click image sharing and 2-way communication to quickly receive results. Our billing module auto-populates billing prices to reduce human error and expedite reimbursement processing.


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MediMatrix Storage Solution

This solution is for providers wishing to maintain images, reports and crucial documents uploaded to MediMatrix in their local office network.

  • Quick installation
  • More cost effective then a PACs
  • Minimal monthly fee
  • Archive to meet various HIPAA guidelines
  • Easily accessible to your in house teams

Frequently asked questions

Is MediMatrix a true all-in-one solution?

Yes! MediMatrix is a purpose-built radiology platform that streamlines order management, enables 1-click image sharing, and expedites reimbursements all from one system.

Are we able to connect to multiple ready groups?

Yes! Leveraging our MediMatrix RadConnect (WebRadiology Services), MediMatrix users can connect with most any radiology group. Our users even have the ability to utilize multiple options for sending all within MediMatrix.

Is MediMatrix connected to any EMR/EHR platforms?

Yes! We’ve been at the forefront of EMR integration and have connections with popular, nursing, correctional, hospital, and home health EMRs. Contact our team for more information.

Can we bill out and post payments within MediMatrix?

Yes! MediMatrix has purpose-built tools geared toward the mobile radiology industry. Auto populate billing prices, reduce human error and expedite reimbursements.

Are there billing and management reports are included in the MediMatrix solution?

Yes! MediMatrix users find the extensive list of management as well as sales, revenue and aging reports allowing them to manage their business growth and track reimbursements more efficiently.

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