MediMatrix Rad Connect

Connecting to multiple reading groups, all from one system

Rad Conncet

Why MediMatrix Rad Connect?

MediMatrix Rad Connect (Webradiology Services) equips portable diagnostic companies with a radiological solution to meet their business needs. Users can seamlessly integrate their MediMatrix solution with a multitude of reading groups, allowing them to quickly share images and results.

Frequently asked questions

What reading groups does MediMatrix Rad Connect work with?

We work with both local interpreting physicians and large teleradiology companies to give MediMatrix users a variety of options to work with.

Am I limited to connecting to one group?

No, MediMatrix solutions are radiology independent and many clients prefer to connect to 2+ groups through MediMatrix Rad Connect.

What are the reading groups fees?

Portable diagnostic companies will work directly with their preferred reading groups to determine pricing for radiology reads.

What are the average result turnaround times?

Each reading group will have their own criteria pertaining to turnaround times and exam priorities. We can facilitate introductions with different groups so you can determine what works best for you.

Do you have a reading platform if I have my own radiologist?

Yes! MediMatrix Rad Connect (Webradiology Services) has an full integrated RIS solution that works seamlessly with your MediMatrix. This option is available at a fee to the radiologist.

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