Movements in mobile radiology

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Technology adoption has shifted the way the radiology industry manages patient information. With more nursing facilities, physician offices, and home health care agencies implementing electronic health record (EHR) systems, the need to connect these platforms for diagnostic image viewing has grown exponentially. To better understand this shift from paper to an electronic environment, we’ve asked Brad Nelson, CEO/CTO of WebInterstate Inc. to share his perception of how this has affected the mobile medical industry.

Q: There has been a push over the last 5 years to integrate clinical systems with diagnostic imaging platforms. How has this impacted the healthcare industry as a whole?

A: The way physicians and nurses view statistics is very different than it was, even 10 years ago. With the pressures to reduce hospital re-admissions and the need to monitor symptoms across all patients, users are looking to platforms to manage data and run reports at a moments notice. They are also looking for comprehensive care which would include, for example, integrating their EHR platform to view diagnostic images and results performed by an outside mobile radiology provider.

Q: How have mobile diagnostic imaging solutions adapted to these technology changes over time?

A: Mobile diagnostic imaging solutions must embrace change, or they will not flourish. MediMatrix is a prime example of a solution that has evolved over time to keep up with mobile radiology market demands. MediMatrix, created specifically for mobile diagnostic radiology companies, was an early adopter of EHR integration seeing that this would be key for their users in helping put their businesses in the forefront.

Q: On-Demand image viewing has seemed to virtually replace CD image delivery. How have mobile radiology companies revised their operations to accommodate these changes?

A: The key to distributing a quality image without the hassle of CD’s or software installations on the viewer’s computer is a zero-footprint viewer. The MediMatrix service platform was one of the first mobile radiology solutions on the market to deliver a true clientless viewer. The allowed care staff to securely login and view patients’ images performed by their mobile radiology service provider almost instantaneously, no installs needed. Not only did this improve image turn-around times, but also reduced courier expenses.

Movements in mobile radiology will only continue to grow as new technology trends make way and increased demand for improved patient care pushes forward. Mobile radiology providers must find a service platform that will embrace and adpat to these changes in order to succeed.

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