Five necessities for mobile radiology success

There is a common occurrence we hear from multiple mobile radiology companies across the country. When trying to stay on trend with the technology growth in the mobile radiology industry, they have pieced together several systems to manage their operations, medical records, and billings, but now it’s becoming to time-consuming and expensive to manage. Mobile X-ray and Ultrasound providers may be ready to re-evaluate how their running their business and what they need to make it more efficient and profitable.

Let’s look at the Five main necessities that a system should have in order for Mobile Radiology providers to successfully manage and grow their business:

1. Online scheduling and Dispatching:

MediMatrix’s Health Information system streamlines daily tasks so administrative office staff can be more productive. No having to hop from system to system to do specific tasks, or duplicate entry orders in each of your disperate systems. The MediMatrix application features one centeralized access point where credentialed users can obtain all the information they need in the web-based platform.

2. Managing patient’s EMRs and DICOM images:

A mobile radiology provider needs to be able to retrieve patients’ records and images at a moment’s notice whether it be for their clients, or even audits. MediMatrix allows qualified users to access these electronic medical records (EMR) immediately, all from one access point. Many view the system as a large, online filing cabinet. From an operations standpoint, it will help reduce office paper costs and storage space. In addition to records retrieval, users also need to be able to access their patient’s prior images. MediMatrix system not only displays the records but the images for those records as well. View them through the web-based HTML5 zero-footprint viewer! It’s the perfect transparent solution.

3. Invoicing and Claims billing:

OK. So MediMatrix allows you to access your EMRs and DICOM images from the platform, but what about billing? You can do away with that extra software as well! There is a complete PPS billing and claims module that lets users manage your billings from one system! There’s no duplicate entering and the mobile radiology provider can manage everything in-house. Engage your clients in the billing process as well. Your clients can keep ties to your business by actively logging in and participating in the bill census process right online. They can also retrieve their invoices at any time.

4. Full storage solution options:

Need a new storage solution? Do you have one but need a better one? What would be more simple than pushing the information you’ve already collected in the MediMatrix health information system to an offsite location for long-term archiving? Eliminate the extra costs and administrative time dealing with a separate PACS system and utilize one of MediMatrix’s several storage options.

5. Integration with your clients and radiology partners:

With MediMatrix, you now have a complete system that can help you manage your day-to-day operations, records, and billings, but that is only part of the puzzle in this industry. Integration is a hot subject in the mobile radiology industry as it can make a difference in servicing a client and keeping a client. Our MediMatrix iLink services connect to various EMRS utilized by your nursing home facilities. The nurse or doctor can continue to put orders in their own EMR and they will transmit to MediMatrix, tying them to your business platform. When a final report is received it is transmitted back to the EMR to complete the cycle (capabilities dependant on the EMR). Become partners with your clients with these new services!

Finding the right mobile radiology software can turn a small company into an efficient and profitable larger company. The solution should be your best partner in your mobile radiology venture increasing efficiencies and profitability.

MediMatrix is redefining mobile radiology. They are recognized as an innovative company that helps portable radiology businesses streamline their operations and successfully manage patients’ electronic medical records (EMRs).

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