MediMatrix releases Top Questions about medical practice billing systems

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Billing has become “the talk” of the portable X-ray industry.  Most providers have many questions about how the federal government’s upcoming revisions to Medicare will affect how they bill and how they’re reimbursed.

Every year, the American Portable Diagnostics Association (APDA) dedicates an entire two-day seminar to the topic of billing.  Specialists from MediMatrix will be there to talk with association members about online medical billing system.  But since not all portable X-ray providers will make the trip, Company Vice President Ken Kern is releasing the Top Questions members should ask about their own systems.

1.  Is my staff able to manage the billing correctly so my company is being reimbursed all the money it’s owed?  

Many mobile radiology providers aren’t sure if they’re getting all the reimbursement they deserve for the services they provide.  They may actually be losing money unless their billing program offers a high degree of transparency.  Up-to-date billing systems should let providers easily create invoices and track delinquent accounts.  Some practice software solutions, like MediMatrix, offer two types of transparency.  First, it shows clients exactly what a procedure will cost.  The second allows owners to run a report and feel confident they are receiving all the money customers owe them.

2.  Do I pay for upgrades?

Questions remain about what will happen with ICD-10.  When the federal government decides to revise that Medicare coding, billing software must also change.  Many portable radiology businesses will have to pay for that, but not all software billing providers charge customers for necessary upgrades.  Mobile X-ray providers in the market for a new system should select one that keeps them appraised of all upcoming changes in billing so their systems transition seamlessly – with no added cost.

3.  Does my billing solution give customers access to their invoices?

Many facilities are asking portable X-ray providers to send invoices sooner.  For that reason, they should have a mobile-specific billing system that lets customers log in to see their invoices.  It saves time and usually speeds up reimbursement.   It also engages customers and helps keep them connected to your business.

4.  Do orders automatically flow into my billing system or does my staff need to duplicate enter all the information?

This is an especially important question for mobile X-ray providers who currently run three different systems:  one for scheduling, another for image storage, and a third for billing.  It can be very time-consuming for staff who must re-key all that information time and again, especially if they have thousands of patient procedures to enter.   Online medical billing software is available through MediMatrix that takes the information seamlessly from ordering to billing with a single data entry.

5.  Will my software let me have different rate schedules for flexible billing?

To stay competitive, mobile X-ray providers have to be flexible with their pricing.  Many negotiate different pricing schedules with each facility they service.  Those radiology providers need medical practice billing software that allows them to generate automatic pricing for each facility and will automatically populate files with patient names and information.  It’s a system that saves time and is easy to code and manage.

If you have more questions about how MediMatrix could help improve your company’s medical billing and practice management system contact the MediMatrix team, 888-346-3030.

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