Meet Diana, Director of Operations for MediMatrix

Diana, what is your role with MediMatrix? During my time with the company, I have been in many customer facing and backend operational roles. Currently, I am the Director of Operations and head of our support team.

How long have you been with MediMatrix? 14 years already! I started with the radiology side of the business (Rad Connect) in December 2009 doing support and operations. I then began to assist the support team on portable provider side of MediMatrix (Portable Connect). Knowing the ins and outs of both product lines has led me to the Director of Operations role in 2021.

Which colleagues at MediMatrix have you worked with the longest? I’ve probably worked with Karrie the longest but with Matt as a close runner up.

What is your favorite part about this job? I love finding solutions and problem solving all while working with an incredible company and amazing customers, many who have been with us even before I started. I really enjoy communicating with each and every one of them! A side bonus, my commute is amazing. It consists of walking inside to my desk after a morning coffee on my patio. 😊

What motivates you in your career? The joy in the job I am doing, moving forward, growing and learning every day. Plus being part of a great team has helped immensely. From the operations perspective, we are starting to use new tools and technologies and it’s very exciting to see how it can really help fine tune everything! I look forward to the advancement of our teams, products and how we can keep delivering solutions to our customers.

What advice would you give a new employee on their first day with MediMatrix? My advice would be to hang on to your hat, it’s going to be a great ride! We are advancing and growing together alongside the advancements in our tools and products. We encourage our team to learn and grow, bring new ideas to the table along with their knowledge, and experiences… we welcome any and all insights- and you!

What co-worker makes you laugh the most and why? That’s a hard one! When I read Matt’s spotlight, I saw he would entertain standup, which I can see. Sam on our team is always shooting one liners and Nolan has a great sense of humor. Our development team always knows how to crack a good joke during meetings and our leadership group always has a great time when we have our quarterly status meetings. Although a little off top, we all get a little competitive and cheeky during our company social events. From axe throwing, to Top Golf and go karts, we’re all up for having a good time. We really do have a great group.

What is your favorite outdoor activity? My favorite is playing in the ocean waves. But since I live far from the ocean, I love taking nature walks with our dogs. We have a great space for running, playing and exploring. Bella, a German Shepherd, and Lucy, a long hair Corgi, are full of energy and have taken place of our son’s activities now that he’s all grown up!

Would you rather live where it only snows or the temperature never falls below 100 degrees fahrenheit? Well this may come as a surprise given I said I love the ocean, but live where it only snows! Where I live now it’s like that about 9 months out of the year, so I’m used to it. You just layer up or grab a blanket, put your coffee in an insulated cup or even throw on a pair of snow shoes and head out! That’s what I have to do sometimes when our dogs want to go on a walk, they love to go out and play in the snowbanks. If you have not experienced a winter morning, I highly recommend it! It’s a peaceful and beautiful thing.

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