Diagnostic Imaging and Mobile Radiology technology trends for 2023

Diagnostic Imaging Data Analytics

Extracting data for analytical purposes is a growing need in the diagnostic imaging and mobile radiology communities. Businesses want to leverage their data to reduce costs. For example, having information that there are 2 radiology orders for patients in close proximity would allow dispatchers to effectively send 1 technologist to that area which amounts in fuel savings and other associated expenses. Other benefits such as identifying current operational inefficiencies can reduce overhead by streamlining processes. Finally, management and owners want better insights into their finances and business practices to make more informed decisions. This need will be a crucial component in business ops in the next 2-3 years.

Whether your a diagnostic imaging center or a mobile radiology business utilizing a complex PACS/RIS system, or a several detached systems to tracking patient orders, images and result reports, maintaining them in-house is no longer the trend, and for good reasons. Companies who’ve adopted an all-in-one, cloud-based system to manage all aspects of their business have noted cost savings by removing redundancies. Using a cloud-based solution also increases productivity with the ability for staff to securely log in and manage information in a mobile setting. Finally, these solutions have the advantage of rolling out new feature updates more quickly than traditional solutions, giving companies a competitive advantage over others in their respective markets.

Continued momentum for hospital at home care has been prevalent in 2022 and is gaining momentum into 2023. It is apparent the pandemic has been a catalyst in forging the path for providing hospital level care in patient’s residences. However, the Acute Hospital Care at Home waiver implemented by CMS during that time period also provided incentives for hospitals to adopt the hospital at home model. With hospitals starting to implement these programs, their need to contract with mobile radiology vendors to supply diagnostic imaging in the home, has been scaling. Mobile radiology companies using a solution that is a leader in EMR-to-EMR or PACS-to-PACS will see a huge advantage in securing these hospital accounts in the future.

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