diagnostic providers descend to Capital Hill
Portable Diagnostic Imaging Providers Descend to Capital Hill

American Portable Diagnostic Association (APDA) members and portable diagnostic imaging providers take to Capital Hill in Washington D.C to connect and share critical view points with Congress representatives this May.

When it comes to healthcare, providers such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics and urgent care centers often come to mind. However, the portable diagnostic imaging industry is a understated industry but is vital to healthcare. Participants attending this event hope to meet directly with Congress members and representatives to communicate the importance of their business as it pertains to providing cost effective and efficient patient care. In order to further educate representatives, attendees will also be able to further explain how the portable diagnostic imaging industry functions and the daily challenges they face.


Additionally, in meeting with these officials, providers will be able to obtain a direct line of communication and build relationships that can positively impact their industry. In working as a group, providers may also have more impact on advocating for beneficial changes such as better representation for the industry, specific policies for the industry, and advocate for better reimbursement rates for their services.


As a whole, portable providers have had many obstacles that have negatively effected their industry. For instance, in 2011, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) had conducted an audit that found questionable billing patterns within the portable x-ray supplier industry. This and other instances of billing fraud could have contributed to the lack of increase in transportation reimbursement and other Medicare physician fee rates over time, which is are critical billing components for portable providers. However, technology has evolved and more businesses are using solutions like MediMatrix Portable Connect, designed specifically for diagnostic portable providers, to better track and document studies. Purpose built billing modules within these systems also reduce clerical billing errors as it pertains to invoicing and insurance billing. Showing Congressional members portable diagnostic imaging providers are taking accountability in tracking and documenting their services shows their ability to adapt.


Finally, today’s healthcare model calls for secure exchange of data and patient health information (PHI). Those attending will be able to illustrate to officials that portable providers using healthcare platforms, such as the Portable Connect solution, are able to securely send diagnostic reports directly to patient charts in a facility or physician’s EHR/EMR platform. In using such systems, they also have the ability to share DICOM images with hospitals in support of the hospital at home initiative. Without portable diagnostic imaging providers, facilities, physician offices and hospitals would have to invest in radiology technology, staff and equipment and will ultimately see a rise in patient hospitalization and re-admission rates.


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