Say hello to Karrie, Director of Strategic Planning at MediMatrix.

Karrie, what is your role with MediMatrix? I’ve had a few different roles with the company, but currently I am the Director of Strategic Planning.

How long have you been with MediMatrix? Close to 15 years!

What do you like most about working at MediMatrix? There are many aspects I enjoy about working here. First, I love our team! I’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals across all departments within our organization and have gotten to know each personally. They are all hard workers and determined to make a difference in our solutions and in the lives of patients. There is definite synergy amongst us all and we work with respect. Secondly, the strides we have made to improve our solutions have made every day stimulating. We have been implementing some larger infrastructure changes over the past year both to our network and our code set and now we are at a turning point where we will be able to deliver new features more quickly while tackling larger initiatives. This next year is going to be very exciting both for our team and our customers!

Where did you work prior to MediMatrix? Prior to MediMatrix, I worked at a large multi-channel retail company, ShopHQ. We sold various products from household items, clothing, accessories, etc, on live TV, online and print. I was part of the jewelry division and worked within the product purchasing team. Now, I’m not much of a jewelry wearer myself, but it was interesting to meet with the vendors and even the designers to see what creative items they wanted to showcase and why each was special. Initially, I started as a coordinator and eventually helped with assisting in the buying process. It was a very neat experience and I learned a lot about working with external vendors and suppliers, profit margins and how to manage inventory.

What motivates you in your career? What drives me both in my career and my personal life is learning. There is always new knowledge to acquire no matter what your role is. I have had the fortunate opportunity to explore various aspects of the business while at MediMatrix and have gained insights in inter-departmental operations, implementation of new systems, business planning and delivering to our customers. These are life long skills that can be implemented in any role both professionally and personally and what makes someone a well rounded individual.

What has been the most challenging part of your career? I wear many hats at the company and I would say that the most demanding part has been ensuring I’m allocating time across all areas to ensure both small and large objectives are being met. However, I’m a very well organized person and have always been able to manage my time relatively well so it’s made it much easier to navigate.

Are you a thinker or a doer? I like to execute in a timely manner, but I am also one who wants to ensure I have a good base of information in order to make a decision. Additionally, I think there is always value in taking a second look at something whether it’s an idea or a task. It’s like a movie, sometimes you see it at its face value, but if you watch it a second time, you may see more than you initially thought.

If you won the lottery would you continue working? Yep! I am not one who is very good at sitting. Again, I like being challenged and learning new things and what better place than at work.

What is your favorite pastime activity? I like partaking in activities that allow me to wind down at the end of the day. I love going for long walks, weather permitting. If the weather isn’t cooperating, I enjoy reading either biographies or fictional novels with a twist.

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