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MediMatrix at APDA (NAPXP) 2017 Mid-Year Convention

St. Louis, MO - This spring WebInterstate Inc. exhibited at the American Portable Diagnostic Association mid-year convention in St. Louis. This event is held to educate and inform portable diagnostic providers on various topics as they affect the mobile industry as well as technology trends.

WebInterstate Inc. was thrilled to attend as an Associate Business Member. This allowed them to not only showcase several enhancements that were made to their MediMatrix application, but also partake in the informational meetings that directly affect their clients.

Topics Discussed Included:

***Split Claim Billing CMS***

One topic included several questions about split claim billing, splitting technical (TC) and professional (26) lines into separate claims and utilizing appropriate place of service on each claim. Not only has MediMatrix been a system providing the tools needed for coding and reimbursement, it also has a built in features to automatically split professional line items into separate claims no matter if the exam is bill selected to facility/Part A bill, or insurance/Part B, meeting needs of portable radiology providers.

***Signature Collecting***

The collection of physician signature continues to be a hurdle for portable providers due to archaic guidelines. Thus far, electronic signature is widely accepted across the industry, but not for this specific group of providers. For the time being, manually collected signatures will continue to be the preferred method of collection. Luckily, MediMatrix not only has the ability for users to fax requisition forms directly to the physician for signature selection, they are also able to archive the received fax within MediMatrix, as well as manage if a signed document has been received for all ordered exams.

***Medical Necessity for Portable Providers***

Over the past two years providers have been barraged with information regarding the importance of Medical Necessity. Many attendees who viewed the MediMatrix application were impressed that not only was there a field to collect Medical Necessity information on an order, but that the selection chosen for each order displayed on the order requisition form making audits go more smoothly.


APDA is a national affiliation whose members supply portable x-ray and EKG services to nursing homes and home care patients.

WebInterstate Inc. specializes in the development of web applications and services for the healthcare industry. Their flagship product, MediMatrix, is a practice management service designed for the portable x-ray industry.