What is mobile radiology and how does it affect me?

Mobile radiology is not a new service, it’s been around for decades. Only now with the adaptation in healthcare technology, partnered by the Covid-19 pandemic has the need for this service become more prevalent. 

Imagine your grandparent or parent, they are in a care facility and they stumble and fall in Zumba class. They’re in a lot of pain and suspect a broken hip. No family is there to take them to the ER, and ambulatory services are costly. 

Enter the mobile radiology provider who comes to their care facility, so they don’t have to leave their home, and to their bedside so they don’t have to move in a painful state. Images are taken and sent to certified radiologists to determine the severity of the fall. Now the care team can create recovery plan.

How do mobile companies operate?

It’s not an easy job and it takes a team to provide fast and accurate results. At the backbone of it all is their EHR system. Having an EHR to manage patient orders, records, images, results and to securely share this information with the patient’s care team is of upmost importance. The MediMatrix system was designed specifically for the mobile radiology industry streamlining operational workflows which allow companies to focus on delivering the best service they can to their customers and patients.

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