Leveraging Radiology Integration Protects a Company’s Business

Radiology Integration
Radiology Integration with multiple reading groups.

Radiology Complications:

A portable radiology company in a competitive region was struggling to provide their clients with quality radiology reports in a timely manner which was causing them to lose accounts.

They needed a solution that could not only help manage their day-to-day operations, but also solve their radiology predicament.

Radiology Independence:

This company saw the operational benefits of MediMatrix Portable Connect alongside the radiology integration capabilities available with MediMatrix Rad Connect. The company realized the importance of teleradiology and how taking advantage of using multiple teleradiology groups within would differentiate them within the competitive market.

By leveraging these solutions, the portable company could immediately switch and bring on a new radiology group to better meet their client’s needs.

Unlike other platforms that are primarily linked to one radiology group, MediMatrix is a ‘radiology independent’ platform that has integration with several different radiology groups.

This gave the portable provider the optionality they needed to meet their current business needs, and set them up for future growth.

customer satisfaction
Delivering to customers increased company’s business.

Leveraging Integration:

Using their new radiology reading group, the company was able to keep their existing accounts and repair the reputation of their business.

Furthermore, they were able to grow their business from approximately 460 patient exams a month to 1450 patient exams a month.

The company onboarded additional radiology groups and was able to leverage their expanded radiologist network to meet coverage needs and client demands. They were able to do all of this while effortlessly managing their daily exams, all from one platform.

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