Meet Anuj Rohatgi

Anuj, What is your role with MediMatrix? Currently, I am the Vice President of Engineering.

Have you always worked in some sort of development/engineering position? Yes, I started my career in technology and programming as a very early child learning to program on a Tandy computer. While that was my first foray into some technical field, post graduation I began working as a full time developer at a diverse set of  companies in the Austin, TX area.  For the first half of my career, it was spent really honing my engineering skill sets and growing into understanding complex technical systems and finally going into more senior architect roles. In the second half, I’ve combined those early experiences to drive myself into leadership roles where I’ve helped companies modernize and blend good practices to help engineering teams move at the speed of business that relies on them.

How long have you been with MediMatrix? I’ve been with MediMatrix just about 6 months at this time.

What is your favorite part about this job? While technologies can come and go, what I’ve found that brings the most value, excitement, and drive out of myself and engineers is the culture.  Being at MediMatrix has given me another opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise while the culture supports the growth and acceleration along the way.

Where did you work prior to MediMatrix? I worked at Procore Technologies and UJET. Procore is a market leader in turning an industry that has not leveraged technology into a full digital construction platform for the market. UJET is a leader in CX, helping fully digitize, modernize, and scale customer support needs for businesses.

What motivates you in your career? I have always loved technology and problem solving, however, what I’ve found that truly motivates me came later by realizing how many wonderful connections I’ve made with the people around me. We’ve made real meaningful change in the lives of ourselves, our customers, and sometimes the industry space itself with what we’ve been able to accomplish. Knowing the impacts that can be made, the pathways  to make it happen, and how the quality of life changes for all of us involved is empowering. Whether it was a tiny ripple or a big splash, the possibilities of positive change is what brings me the most motivation.

If you could instantly pick up a new skill, what would it be? This is hard, as I’ve spent a lifetime being a student and learning, there are still some things I am a novice at which means there are many more things left for me to enjoy learning left in the world. If I had to pick one, it would be to draw artistically.

If you had to remove all but 4 apps from your phone, which ones would you keep? Safari, Text Messages, YNAB, Reddit

What do you like to do in your free time? I love to be out with my two huskies at the park. Also going to any nearby lake areas, especially on the warmer days. However, in general I’m an outdoors person and really enjoy socializing with friends.

What is the best dish you make? This is a very hard question because one of my favorite pastimes is cooking and experimenting with new cuisines. One dish that I had made that most people were surprised how it turned out was an Asparagus soup served with delicately cut blackened shrimp.

If your dogs could talk, what would they say about you? They would say I’m a good dog dad, but I suspect I’ll be asked the question “When do we get our steak?

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