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When we started the process with one of our skilled nursing facilities to integrate their EMR with MediMatrix we were all a little apprehensive. The nursing facility had integrated their system with some of their other service providers in the past and the integration was daunting, taking close to a year before it was complete, and taking up endless hours of the facility’s staff having to address failures and issues in the system.

Throughout this new integration between the EMR and MediMatrix I can tell you that as a provider, we weren’t disappointed. The support teams managed the project from beginning to end spending weeks ensuring the orders being placed and patient results being delivered were all successful. The lines of communication were constant with us all throughout the system integration, with daily update emails and phone calls to discuss the progress of the integration project. The facility felt the project went smoother and much faster with MediMatrix than any of their other service providers.

Now that the system integration is complete, the benefits have been incredible! We no longer need an employee in the office inputting patient information and doctor orders. Once the doctor places the order in their EMR system the order seamlessly goes into MediMatrix, ready to be dispatched to our techs. The moment our radiologists have released the patient result, and upload it to MediMatrix, the result is electronically sent directly back into the patient’s file within their EMR system, no more faxing results. The integration has been great for the facility staff as well, they no longer have to call or fax orders of to us, and no longer need to worry about results not getting into their patient’s files and now it’s all done automatically! This system integration has shown to be extremely helpful in the daily operations for our staff as well as for our accounts.

Steve Isaacs, New York

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