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Leveraging Radiology Integration Protects a Company’s Business

Radiology Complications: A portable radiology company in a competitive region was struggling to provide their clients with quality radiology reports in a timely manner which was causing them to lose accounts. They needed a solution that could not only help manage their day-to-day operations, but also solve their radiology predicament. Radiology Independence: This company saw …

Portable Diagnostic Company’s Success with the Superb Power of Operational Management

Operational Obstacles: A provider with less than a handful of staff launched their portable diagnostic business in 2006 with ambitions to take on a nationwide competitor. They knew they needed to make a move away from the clunky processes that came with running their business through excel spreadsheets, fax lines and QuickBooks. If they wanted …

Long-term care market is expected to reach $779.4 billion by 2030, affecting the healthcare market

The U.S. long-term care market, which includes skilled nursing, home healthcare, assisted living, hospice and palliative care, and other similar segments are forecasted to reach USD 779.4 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 5.97%. Several factors come into play contributing to this expected growth. Disease: According to the CDC, 6 in 10 adults …

Portable Diagnostic Imaging Providers Brave Capital Hill

American Portable Diagnostic Association (APDA) members and portable diagnostic imaging providers take to Capital Hill in Washington D.C to connect and share critical view points with Congress representatives this May. When it comes to healthcare, providers such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics and urgent care centers often come to mind. However, the portable diagnostic imaging …

Diagnostic Imaging and Mobile Radiology technology trends for 2023

Extracting data for analytical purposes is a growing need in the diagnostic imaging and mobile radiology communities. Businesses want to leverage their data to reduce costs. For example, having information that there are 2 radiology orders for patients in close proximity would allow dispatchers to effectively send 1 technologist to that area which amounts in …

Case Study: Diagnostic Imaging for Hospital at Home

Objective: A MediMatrix portable diagnostic company was contracted by a large player in the home health space to provide imaging services for a network of hospitals launching their hospital-at-home programs. This portable company needed a quick and cost effective solution to push diagnostic images from their MediMatrix health information system to these various hospital entities …

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