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Say hi to Matt! Here supporting customers since 2013.

Matt, What is your role with MediMatrix? I started out my journey as a customer support specialist but recently have taken the lead as our customer success specialist. How long have you been with MediMatrix? 10 years, 2 months, and 18 days! But who’s counting? ­čśë Which colleagues at MediMatrix have you worked with the …

Streamlining Cash Flow in the Complex Mobile Diagnostic Market

Cash Flow Challenges: A long-time mobile diagnostic x-ray provider found they were struggling to bill exams in a timely manner. They were approximately 90 days behind from actually submitting claims from the initial date of service and this was causing delays in reimbursements. In comparison, many companies in the medical field attempt to bill out …

Meet Development Engineer Extraordinaire, Charles Rhinehart

Charles, what is your job title with MediMatrix? I have no idea… hahaha. But really I’m on the development and engineering team with MediMatrix. Have you always worked in some sort of development and or developer role? I started my career in electronics working with the hardware side of things for Dolby Labs as a …

Meet Anuj Rohatgi

Anuj, What is your role with MediMatrix? Currently, I am the Vice President of Engineering. Have you always worked in some sort of development/engineering position? Yes, I started my career in technology and programming as a very early child learning to program on a Tandy computer. While that was my first foray into some technical …


Ken, being a developer at your core, what has it been like for you being in a CTO role? This industry has always been fast paced due to the nature of diagnostic imaging. Working with the MediMatrix team to make sure the technology used is secure and reliable is important, along with making quick decisions …

Leveraging Radiology Integration Protects a Company’s Business

Radiology Complications: A portable radiology company in a competitive region was struggling to provide their clients with quality radiology reports in a timely manner which was causing them to lose accounts. They needed a solution that could not only help manage their day-to-day operations, but also solve their radiology predicament. Radiology Independence: This company saw …

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