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A facility using an EMR solution for the long-term care industry was looking to their mobile provider to complete a project connecting their EMR with the provider’s MediMatrix system. To continue to deliver top customer service to this client, the mobile provider was also eager to connect but lacked the resources to develop this interface.

Plan of action:

Reaching out to the software engineers at MediMatrix, they were able to assemble a cost-effective plan of action to achieve this interface. The EMR project would consist of order and demographic transmission from the client’s EMR to MediMatrix saving time faxing orders or re-keying demographic information on both ends. Once a result/report was complete it would then transmit from MediMatrix back to the client’s EMR completing the process.


Upon completion, the provider’s clients could begin to see the positive effects immediately:

  • Expedites communication with the transfer of demographic
  • Speeds up ordering between facility and MediMatrix Radiology Provider
  • Immediate access to patient results/reports within EMR’s patient chart
  • View images from the EMR without downloading software or adding storage to computers

While there were several development hurdles that presented themselves during the process, the mobile provider was glad they, “had a team like the developers at MediMatrix to keep the project moving along and push to finalize so we could deliver to our clients.

Aaron B., OK

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