5 Reasons Portable X-Ray Providers Love MediMatrix

Control your business

MediMatrix allows portable X-ray providers to improve turn-around times in a competitive market utilizing superior cloud-based technology. Easily dispatch orders, easily route images, instantly receive and fax reports, access medical records, all you need is in one place.

Cut costs

No large investments in hardware, additional software or support are needed to run MediMatrix. Reduce your operating expenses by increasing efficiencies, reducing paper trail and condensing staff and office space.

Instant access

All you need to access MediMatrix is a computer/mobile device and an Internet connection. Login and view real-time orders, dispatched exams, images and patient reports from practically anywhere, making it easier to manage a 24/7/365 business.

Connect to clients

Nursing homes and facilities, clinicians, and physicians use it daily to schedule orders, access patient results, and view images online or via mobile device. Facility billers even login to immediately access their PPS invoices.

Increase cash flow

Gone are the days of manual and duplicate entry for information into multiple systems. All exam and demographic information flows through MediMatrix for billing. Manage all of your Facility (Part A) invoices, (Insurance Claims) Part B billings and responsible party invoices directly from MediMatrix. For a demonstration or to learn more, visit us online at www.MediMatrix.com today!