MediMatrix Multi-Platform Physician App - March 2014

MediMatrix has gathered user feedback and revamped their Physician Application to enhance usability.

Functional across multiple platforms.  
This application runs on user's desktops, iPads, Android tablets and more giving ordering physicians more mobile options to access their patient's records.

Simplified Login.
The log-on screen on mobile tablet devices has been streamlined for quick accessibility.

Interactive Features Available.
Physicians will see noticeable improvements in search-ability and access to information. Sort, search and find information with minimal 'taps.'

Click to Sign.
No need to sign into a different access portal, users are now able to view patient information and transmit electronic stampped signature, right from the new App.

Want it for your physicians?
Apple for iPad - Search for 'MediMatrix' at the iTunes store and download the free App.
Android tablet - Simply download the file from our website under 'support' - 'customer resources'