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Benefits of a SaaS Mode

Software as a service (SaaS) models are becoming more popular because of the flexibility. MediMatrix has always operated under this model solving several obstacles for business owners while also saving costs. See the top FOUR main reasons SaaS models have helped Mobile Radiology providers successfully manage and grow their business:

1. Upgrades and Patches:

Eliminate headaches (and costs) related to patching and upgrading on-site software. WebInterstate Inc. handles installation, testing, and rollout of new features and versions most features at no expense to clients.

2. Integration:

The need for integration in the mobile market is an absolute requirement for keeping and gaining clientele. With a controlled platform we make it easier to transmit data to and from EMR applications, thus eliminating high costs mobile providers face when attempting to integrate with each EMR platform and a home grown system.

3. Rapid Support:

Our IT service desk provides instant access to all MediMatrix support-related issues; communication is always quick, easy and convenient - no matter where your staff is located.

4. Reduced Costs:

No license fees means lower start-up costs. Having WebInterstate manage the IT infrastructure means lower costs for hardware, software, and staff needed to manage it all.

Finding the right mobile radiology solution can turn a small company into an efficient and profitable larger company. The software solution should be your best partner in your mobile radiology venture increasing efficiencies and profitability.

MediMatrix is redefining mobile radiology. They are recognized as an innovative company that helps portable radiology businesses streamline their operations and successfully manage patient's electronic medical records (EMRs). To learn more, visit MediMatrix on the web at