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Mobile Radiology Companies See Benefits using MediMatrix During Shifts to Work from Home:

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Mobile Providers using MediMatrix found they did not have to change their day-to-day operations when implementing a temporary work from home protocol. In fact, because MediMatrix is a secure web-based platform that manages patient orders, imaging, reports, client, and claims billing, almost all staff were able to seamlessly perform duties without missing a beat.

Management wondered whether their staff would be as productive working from home. MediMatrix had their clients covered! Not only does the system provide an audit tool, but management can also run the tool at any time to gauge users’ actions providing ease of mind in the new remote environment. In addition, since MediMatrix does not price based number of users, no extra fees were incurred when more staff needed access to the system.

After the initial WFH transition, clients found that many of their office hardware was no longer needed and could be managed through MediMatrix, some of which included an in house PACS storage system, legacy fax systems, and more. This saved MediMatrix clients’ money and provided peace of mind about their disparate systems.

Finally, after many of the office workspace restrictions lifted, several Mobile Radiology companies using MediMatrix opted to keep their new remote working model indefinitely. This allowed them to drastically reduce office space saving even more in operational expenses.

Mobile Radiology companies using MediMatrix found that they were able to readily transition to a work from home model and found hidden benefits along the way, many expressing they could not have made the quick pivot without a using MediMatrix.