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Mobile Industry Trending Topics

Stipulations on ordering:

Many portable providers are becoming increasingly aware of Medicare exam ordering criteria. Per CMS, "Portable X-Ray services may only be ordered by a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy" for Medicare patients. Providers are encouraged to research specifics through CMS.

Claim billing changes:

More providers are seeing changes in information requested on claims. In specifics, many payers are requiring a NPI on each claim line item. This would correspond to 'box 24J' on a CMS 1500 form. Each payer has their own rules on how they prefer a claim be coded. Ensure to track your remits closely and check with your main payers for their coding rules.

Facility EMR implementation:

The government initiative for implementing EMRs began in 2009. At that point in time, many physicians and facilities were managing records via paper files. Recently, only 3 years later, there has been a significant growth in physicians/facilities adopting EMR systems.

This growth is only expected to increase as it is mandated that an EMR is in place by 2014. The government has also set aside as stimulus dollars to expedite implementation.

Integration of HIS (health information systems) will be industry trend moving forward, not only for facilities, but those who service their patients.