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MediMatrix at APDA/NAPXP 2016 Mid-Year Convention

May 5-6, 2016, By: Karrie Armstrong 888-346-3030>

Aurora, CO - This spring WebInterstate Inc. exhibited at the National Association of Portable X-ray Providers (NAPXP) mid-year convention in Colorado. This event is held to educate and inform portable x-ray providers on various topics as they affect the mobile radiology industry as well as technology trends.

WebInterstate Inc. was thrilled to attend as an Associate Business Member. This allowed them to not only showcase several enhancements that were made to their MediMatrix application, but also partake in the informational meetings that directly affect their clients.

Topics Discussed Included:

***ICD 10 review***

Recommendations including ICD-10 claim review were highlighted during the conference. Those providers that did not have a strong process in place were urged to jump on board so they stayed up to date. The MediMatrix system created by WebInterstate Inc. was designed specifically for mobile radiology providers. This system was updated and tested prior to the ICD-10 change so all users could efficiently transition without large efforts and cash flow disruption.

***Company Accreditation***

Mentions were made of delays from CMS when awaiting final survey after enrolling in new territories. While the NAPXP group is continuing to work with CMS on this timeline, there were other options sited that could help in the interim. Companies who were accredited by an embodying organization such as ACR or The Joint Commission found the process to be slightly more expedited because of the process it takes to become accredited.

***Medical Necessity for Portable Providers***

Over the past year providers have been barraged with information regarding the importance of Medical Necessity. Many attendees who viewed the MediMatrix application were impressed that not only was there a field to collect Medical Necessity information on an order, but that the selection chosen for each order displayed on the order requisition form making audits go more smoothly.