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MediMatrix at APDA 2017 Annual Convention

October 15-18, 2017, By: Karrie Armstrong 888-346-3030

Las Vegas, NV - WebInterstate Inc. was excited to be exhibiting once again at this year's annual American Portable Diagnostics Association (formally NAPXP) in support of the portable diagnostics industry. This event is held annually to educate and inform portable x-ray and ultrasound providers alike on assorted topics as they affect the portable industry as well as technology trends.

WebInterstate Inc. attended as an Associate Business Member which allows them to not only showcase several of their MediMatrix System enhancements, but also partake in industry informational meetings that directly affect their clients.

Topics Discussed Included:

***Marketing Strategies***

This year, WebInterstate has seen an influx in radiology integration requests from various physician and nursing home Electronic Medical Record (ENR) systems. In fact, there has been a 51% increase in integration requests from the previous year and the trend continues. WebInterstate has been at the forefront of this industry growth opportunity which allows their mobile radiology clients the ability to offer radiology EMR integration as a new service to stay competitive in an aggressive market.

***Data Control***

Mobile radiology providers are experiencing the need to not only grow and market their company with unique features and services, but also tools to view and control data in a variety of ways. WebInterstate featured one of their new features at the APDA show, their MediMatrix API. This application programming interface (API) will allow developers to extract data from MediMatrix and pull that data into preferred formatted exports allowing users to create a variety of exports for both internal use and client requests.


Another exciting tool WebInterstate featured at this year's annual APDA show was their integrated mapping tool. This tool allows users to track technician's movements and efficiently dispatch orders to technicians based on the order and technician location. This tool further enhances the MediMatrix all in one system image making MediMatrix a truly unique system for the mobile radiology industry.


The APDA is a national, non-profit organization representing member providers who supply portable diagnostic services, including portable x-ray, vascular ultrasound, ankle-brachial index testing, abdominal ultrasound, echocardiography, EKG, blood testing, bone densitometry, pulmonary function testing, telemedicine and other emerging portable modalities, all of which are delivered at the patient’s bedside

WebInterstate Inc. specializes in the development of web applications and services for the healthcare industry. Their flagship product, MediMatrix, is a practice management service designed for the portable radiology industry.