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MediMatrix at APDA/NAPXP 2016 Annual Convention

September 26-28, 2016, By: Karrie Armstrong 888-346-3030

New Orleans, LA - WebInterstate Inc. was excited to be exhibiting at this year's annual American Portable Diagnosics Association (APDA) at The InterContinental of New Orleans. This event is held annually to educate and inform portable x-ray providers on various topics as they affect the mobile radiology industry as well as technology trends.

WebInterstate Inc. once again attended as an Associate Business Member which allows them to not only showcase several of their MediMatrix System enhancements, but also partake in industry informational meetings that directly affect their clients.

Topics Discussed Included:

***New Association APDA 2.0***

The members and officers of the APDA were excited to officially announce changes within the organization that welcomes portable radiology providers who also supply services outside of x-ray and ekg. This official annoucement comes after hearing buzz at their mid-year conference back in May 2016. The new group formed expressed they were eager to share their existing knowledge with these new members while also learning more about another side of the industry and the caveats they face.

***Obstacles and Challenges***

Along with several other topics covered during the conference three stood out to many;

Portable radiology providers expressed the overwhelming concern of being able to manage their current internal connections in addition to the growing request to connect to different radiology groups as well as their facility's EMR (electronic medical records) systems. Leaving these items to the professionals was a topic of discussion and a solution proposed to providers. Offering solutions like the ability to connect to multiple reading groups through the one MediMatrix platform as well as integrate with some highly utilized EMR systems used by nursing and assisted living facilities.

Sales in this progressing industry brought up topics of creative ways to market and sell not only the mobile radiology provider's services and internal quality, but also how to win over accounts with technology. Far before there was online order, report viewing and even image viewing options in the market, MediMatrix had one of the first solutions allowing their provider's clients, nursing staff and physicians to login and manage orders, view images and results immediately as an innovative marketing tool. Keeping par with their development, they now offer solutions that help you market individual offerings to clients. If for instance, a facility, hospital, etc requests their exams only be dictated by a local reading group; those using MediMatrix can offer that! In addition, the ability to integrate to a client’s EMR as previously mentioned has become an integral sales platform as many are mandating that these Health Information System start to connect and 'share' patient records for comprehensive care.