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Top Four Mobile Imaging Trends

Evolving Radiology Models: No longer is it enough to provide accurate radiology reads with quick turn-around times. While providers rely on teleradiology companies for full-time coverage, they are finding they also need to accommodate their local groups as well. With MediMatrix's new iLinkRads service, providers can easily connect to the reading group's system to sustain those local ties.

Delivering Patient Records: Cloud-based or web-based platforms are key components to bringing medical communication to the next level. With an online system like MediMatrix, users can effectively communicate results to ordering physicians by transmitting the report back to the facility's EMR system for immediate access (transmission dependent on EMR capabilities).

Mobile Device Demand: Mobile devices are transforming the way physicians deliver bedside care. MediMatrix makes the transition from one device to another easy for users, with their HTML5 applications. These applications are cross functional and run on updated browsers, Apple devices, Mobile Tablets and more!

Simplified Image Sharing: As the complexity of image sharing continues, developers are finding that zero-footprint viewers are a very cost-effective way to view images. One of the true advantages is that it only requires a browser to run, meaning no other downloads need to be installed to operate. As MediMatrix rolled out their zero-footprint viewer in 2013, they've found IT support for image viewing had dramatically decreased, freeing up the provider's staff to follow up on other tasks.

Finding the right mobile radiology solution can turn a small company into an efficient and profitable larger company. The practice management solution should be your best partner in your mobile radiology venture increasing efficiencies and profitability. Ultimately, finding the right solution that best services your clients can be as easy as the click of the mouse.