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Five questions to ask that will help your mobile radiology business become more profitable

By Brad Nelson, CTO of MediMatrix, a service of WebInterstate

There is a common theme that is heard from teleradiology companies across the country and that is they have already invested thousands of dollars in their business, hundreds of hours soliciting new clients and they're not satisfied with their return on investment. So how can you re-evaluate you're operations and what you need to make it more efficient and profitable?

There is one thing we know for sure and that is that there are changes are in store for our health care system. We may not know the exact date and change, but we are guaranteed there will be change. Your internal solution is one critical factor for making sure that you can adapt to changes. If you’re looking to increase your profit during these uncertain times, ask yourself five important questions related to your operations:

1. Is the practice management solution that you are currently using designed specifically for the mobile industry? If not, you might be spending too much time filing and sending out paperwork causing inefficiencies. Instead, use a system made for mobile radiology and use the time gained in efficiencies to find potential new clients.

2. Does yourmanagement solution let you to control all aspects of the business, from ordering and dispatching through billing – all from one system? Some mobile radiology technologists use up to five systems to run their businesses. That time can be used to better manage profitability.

3. Will your current system let you service and use multiple radiology and cardiology groups? Whether it’s for insurance reimbursement or for a second opinion, there are times when more than one medical professional must view the images. Your system should be able to do that with a simple click of a mouse. An integrated system also has given consideration for ease in uploading and storing large files.

4. Can you integrate your current system with your clients’ EMR systems? As EMRs become the norm, it’s more apparent that seamless integration from your system into your clients’ is critical to transmitting and sharing DICOM images and documents. It’s one of the ways to stay ahead of your competition.

5. Does your practice management system offer customer support? If not, find another. Research other solutions and ask specific questions you have about their customer support. Imagine the impatience and irritability of your clients and the doctors and nurses who can’t get the answers because your system is down.

Finding the right mobile radiology software can turn a small company into an efficient and profitable larger company. Your practice management solution should be your best partner in your mobile radiology venture increasing efficiencies and profitability. Ultimately, finding the right solution that best services your clients can be as easy as the click of the mouse

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