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Risk Worth the Reward: A Client Case Study

Overview: Large mobile established mobile radiology provider servicing several clients was looking to improve operations and to solve a high priority need for radiology independence.

Details: The provider was utilizing a Health Information System owned by the radiology group performing their reads but was discovering the need for a backup group. They were growing into other areas and found it was time to bring on more radiology partners for workload balance.

Solution: WebInterstate's recommendation was for the company to have one lead technologist service all their cases through MediMatrix. To accomplish this goal quickly, several actions items were implemented;

  • Agreement reached. Yep, we need that paperwork!
  • Setup of MediMatrix with 12 hours.
  • Configured technologist equipment w/ secure technology. No VPNs!
  • Training of facility to place orders.
  • Utilized WebRadiology Partner to provide radiology options expanded regions.

  • After 1 week, customer wanted all staff to transition to MediMatrix system!  

    The ability to transition to multiple radiology groups was a major factor in the decision to utilize MediMatrix for routing and storage of images. They now could breathe knowing that if one group wasn't working, they had quick options to avoid any business disruptions.