MediMatrix | FAQ | Mobile Medical EMR & Radology Practice Management Questions

What is MediMatrix?
MediMatrix is a Health Information System. Our service is used to collect and process data from various sources. That information helps easily manage health records any time, virtually anywhere.

What makes MediMatrix different?
Basically, MediMatrix concentrates on allowing our customers to have choices. You have the choice of multiple radiology groups and the freedom to move your exams to any group. Our service gives you the ability to integrate with the various EMR systems easily for all parties. With MediMatrix, you can have it all, in one system.

Is MediMatrix a PACS?
MediMatrix is registered as a class 1 medical data system. We are image and information movers. Our MediMatrix system accepts your DICOM images and forwards them through standard communications to our partners. No need to hassle with VPN tunnels. This seamless process utilizes up-to-date technology.

Is MediMatrix a RIS?
Again, we are image and information movers. We'll take your orders and images and forward them to our Radiology partners' RIS systems. They utilize their systems' FDA-approved diagnostic viewer to view the orders and images routed from MediMatrix. Reports are routed back to MediMatrix and attached to your order. They can then be auto-faxed to your clients or forwarded to their EMR system.

Can we integrate facility's EMR with MediMatrix?
Our iLinkEMRS and iLinkHL7 services facilitate the integration of the ordering process. Nurses or doctors can enter orders in their EMR and the information will be pushed to MediMatrix. We also have the ability to return results (reports) back to a hospital, or other facility's EMRS. Offering this integration to your clients can set you far apart from the competition.

Does MediMatrix store our images long term?
MediMatrix has the ability to store DICOM images and we will store for up to 7 years and at 2 locations for back-up redundancy. This saves the customer from using CDs and or other expensive devices to store long-term images.

How can I bill my clients and Medicare?
MediMatrix is a complete billing and accounting system for all of your Part A (facility invoice) billing. Instantly generate invoices without manual calculations. Your clients can login online and print off their invoices to save paper and postage costs.
Our service also is equipped to handle all of your Part B (insurance) billing. Staff will save time by eliminating duplicate entry of demographics. Use our integrated verification tool to ensure patient insurance information is correct before sending to the payer, for increased and timely payments.

We need to obtain the ordering doctor's signature. How does that work with MediMatrix ?
Our service is equipped with MediMatrix Esign, a complete electronic signature feature that allows your doctors to login and sign their order requisitions. The signed document is then saved in your MediMatrix system to retrieve at any time. In addition, if an EMR supports electronic signature, we can have the doctor's signature flow through from the EMR, so the doctor only has to sign from one system!

Can my clients use their mobile devices with MediMatrix?
Access, view and manipulate patient images on the go for non-diagnostic review and confirmation of the medical report. MediMatrix is multi-device ready for the clinician and referring doctors. Since this feature is widely used, we’re currently adding the ability to connect from other mobile devices using our image viewer as well.

What sort of management or billing reports does MediMatrix offer?
MediMatrix has a complete set of management and other accounting reports allowing you to run your business effectively and efficiently.

Do I need to purchase all the service options MediMatrix offers?
No. You can easily customize the right system for your mobile business. It's almost like having a software developer on your staff without the additional cost.

What do clients say about MediMatrix?

"I appreciate the forward-thinking work that you and your team have provided us. It truly is refreshing to work with folks who can quickly and efficient resolve to any issue. I appreciate how you communicate and quickly resolve the various issues that have been thrown at us." - Brian P., Nevada

"Having a team like the developers at MediMatrix keep the project moving along and push to finalize so we could deliver to our clients was key." - Aaron B., Oklahoma

"We were able to successfully integrate ALL facilities under one of our primary corporate accounts through MediMatrix, all within the clients requested time-frame." - John C., Michigan

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for all of your work, fast response and exceptional service you provide. This integration project is for an important client of ours and the level of communication and quick turn around really exemplifies the highest level of service you provide your clients. Thanks again, we really appreciate working with such a strong team." - Jeff R., Nevada