WebInterstate Inc. Debuts New User Interface


Minneapolis, MN, August 2014
WebInterstate Inc. introduces a modernized version of their already proficient MediMatrix application, an online health information system for portable xray providers. The revamped system takes advantage of HTML5 technology to streamline users experience across multiple browsers and devices for consistency.

This new UI (user interface) is designed to be more intuitive as well as visually appealing to the users. It also lays the ground work for EMR integration projects for the company and portable xray providers.

Highlighted Enhancements Include;

*New scrolling tools allowing users to navigate within the system with less clicking.

*Pop-up windows are in place so users do not have to navigate from primary pages when adding or editing information.

*Users can now click menu headers allowing the individual to easily sort information they're looking for, based on their particular preference.

*Pick-list tools let the user quickly find the appropriate information increasing productivity.

*Consistent look and feel across different browsers and tablet devices.

WebInterstate Inc. will be rolling out these and several more changes to the MediMatrix application third quarter of 2014.

About WebInterstate Inc.

WebInterstate Inc.'s development focus is to build cost-effective, web-based solutions by utilizing our extensive collection of web modules: scheduling, workflow management, billing management, records management, EMR services, mobile applications for physicians, and long term storage and retrieval of imaging and reports. WebInterstate Inc. develops software solutions that simplify business operations and easily integrate with long term care facility's radiology and EMR systems via these services. WebInterstate Inc. is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. For further information about the company or any of their services, visit www.webinterstate.com / www.medimatrix.com or call 888-346-3030