MediMatrix Outlook for 2015


The mobile healthcare industry is constantly changing and presents new challenges to owners every day. Our goals are to continuously improve the MediMatrix software service as well as the underlying network infrastructure to ensure clients are able to face these requirements head on. Several enhancements have already been slotted for 2015.

Highlighted Enhancements Include;

*Imaging Improvements:
An upgraded MediMatrix Image Gateway will roll-out allowing technologists to easily manage/fix imaging data entry errors. For connection errors, images will auto-resend letting technologists drive without worrying about the upload process maximizing their time.

*Value-Added Reporting:
We are implementing a new, decentralized reporting engine to improve performance on large data reports. This investment will also improve report formatting, eliminating the need to format and arrange documents. Charting options will also be addressed users can run facility statistics reports with visually pleasing graphics for marketing.

Many integration initiatives took place in 2014; Xora GPS, EMR connections and expansion of radiology opportunities. Integration with EMRs will continue to be a priority in 2015 so MediMatrix customers can stay ahead of the competition.

*Application Transformations:
We appreciate all the feedback while we transformed the SETUP screens. We will be using this knowledge to transform the WORKFLOW to improve the overall user experience. Features such as easy scrolling and refined searching will maximize office staff's proficiency and improve speed of daily tasks. Role-based logins will be utilized to display custom views of a users' assigned workload, minimizing the amount of time to search for assignments.

*Equipment Upgrades:
Every year we invest a significant amount in hardware to keep our network infrastructures running at optimal performance. 2014 was no exception as firewalls, switches and server cards were all upgraded to 10G. This year we continue to upgrade servers including redundant DB and reporting servers, all of which will improve network performance and maintain stability.

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