WebInterstate Inc. Integrates CorrecTek EHR

MINNEAPOLIS, October 2017- WebInterstate Inc., developers of MediMatrix® and an industry leader in mobile radiology imaging solutions, is thrilled to announce integration with CorrecTek EHR!

How does this full interface work?

-Receive orders directly from clients utilizing CorrecTek EHR directly into MediMatrix®
-Final results received from integrated reading groups transmit from MediMatrix® to the patient's chart within CorrecTek
-CorrecTek users can easily view images from their EHR, no software install needed!
-The integrated solution enables providers to easily link to clients and solidfy connections.

To learn more about MediMatrix services and EHR options, visit www.medimatrix.com

About CorrecTek, Inc.:
CorrecTek, Inc. was established in 2006 understanding the need for correctional specific EHR to provide innovative medical technology aimed at increasing efficiencies, while reducing liability in correctional medicine. Drawing from years of medical technology and software development experience, CorrecTek, Inc. provides the most comprehensive correctional EHR products on the market. Serving county jails, prisons and juvenile detention centers, CorrecTek, Inc. is the National Leader in Correctional EHR.

About WebInterstate Inc.
WebInterstate Inc.’s development focus is to build cost-effective, web-based solutions by utilizing our extensive collection of web modules: scheduling, workflow management, billing management, records management, radiology services, EMR services, mobile applications for physicians and long term storage and retrieval of imaging and reports. WebInterstate Inc. develops software solutions that simplify business operations and easily integration with long term care facility’s radiology and EMR systems via their MediMatrix® services. WebInterstate Inc. is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. For further information about the company of their MediMatrix® services, visit www.webinterstate.com / www.medimatrix.com or call 888-346-3030