MediMatrix Speaks Multiple Languages
We used new computer language to write programs that solve industry problems

By Ken Kern, Vice President of MediMatrix, a service of WebInterstate

Learning new technology can be like learning a new language – difficult and very time consuming. But computer terminology that sounds Greek to many people comes as second nature to MediMatrix experts. In fact, they used that language to construct programs that are helping solve problems within the mobile X-ray and ultrasound industry.

Physicians couldn’t access files or communicate quickly enough

MediMatrix streamlined mobile X-rays between facilities and physicians.By using Health Link 7 (HL7) technology, MediMatrix created an easy-to-use system that lets health care facilities using portable X-ray services place an order that is transmitted to the mobile provider’s MediMatrix service. That service can then send a report back to the facilities’ EMR. MediMatrix streamlined this service making it more accurate and convenient for clients who no longer have to manage multiple systems. It’s a complete cycle of care – all in one system.

Doctors wanted to access files from their mobile devices and laptops

MediMatrix successfully developed its own web browser for online access.When sales for mobile tablets exploded, MediMatrix experts already had a plan. They used the newer HTML5 language to create their own web viewer that lets doctors view patient EMRs and DICOM images across all mobile devices without having to create and download apps to fit each device.

Mobile providers needed a more efficient way to distribute patient reports to their facilities.

MediMatrix used XML technology to create a system for faster information exchange.MediMatrix developers know how essential it is for a patient’s health that reports be transmitted quickly. That’s why it used XML technology to create a service that allows integrated radiology groups to generate and sign off on reports from their radiology information systems (RIS). Then it routs them back for immediate access by the facilities and the portable X-ray providers themselves.

Multiple problems involving multiple languages – but only one solution: MediMatrix

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