3 Tips to Sustain and Grow Your Client Base:

1. Maintain Excellent Service: It's all about word of mouth. If you're current customers rave about your services and support, then others will hear. Create a company compliance and training program for your staff so practices are consistent across the board and service can excel.

2. Make Use of Technology: Automation is key to effectively run any business. Using a system designed specifically for mobile radiology, such as MediMatrix, allows staff to proficiently conduct day to day operations, lower inefficacies (which all clients like) and allot time to manage your business while focusing on client's specific needs. Effective solutions also allow business owners to reduce operating expenses and redundant staff positions to better allocate those dollars elsewhere.

3. Create a Bond: Directly connecting to new or current clients, is one of the most vital pieces to sustaining and growing your client base. The MediMatrix system allows mobile radiology providers to easily connect to their client's electronic medical record (EMR) system at a cost effective rate. The competition is fierce and clients are starting to demand integration. This is the perfect opportunity to give them what they want, while nurturing that relationship.

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