A Risk Worth the Reward: A Mobile Radiology Provider Case Study:


Large mobile provider servicing several states looking to improve operations and to solve a high priority need for radiology and client connectivity.


Utilizing PACS that was provided by current radiology partner but not conducive for client connectivity. In addition, the mobile provider was growing into multiple states that their current radiology group was unable to cover.

Technologists were using disparate image capture software and equipment. Constantly struggling with VPN connections they needed one solution that would allow them to do their job efficiently.


The size and growth this mobile radiology provider was experiencing made a possible switch seem daunting. Fortunately with the MediMatrix application, they were able to take advantage of a phased in approach by having a lead technician manage all orders for their new region specifically through MediMatrix. With assistance of the MediMatrix support team, the lead technicians equipment was setup, no VPNs needed and staff was trained. In addition Webradiology Service group assisted in locating a premier teleradiology group for their new states. Now that orders, images and radiology reports were being managed through one system, they were now ready to connect to their client's EMR closing the loop.


Upon completion, the provider noticed positive effects immediately;

*By removing VPNs and internal PACS there was no longer a need for internal IT and external support costs.

*With MediMatrix the mobile provider was able to use several radiology options rather than one.

*In using an all-in-one system like MediMatrix, they could not only now manage all aspects of their business, they could also connect readily to many client's EMR systems.

Finding that MediMatrix met their company's needs, just one week after the initial transition, the company had decided to phase in the rest of their staff and clients!