MediMatrix at NAPXP Mid-Year Conference
May 22-23, 2013, By: Karrie Armstrong 888-346-3030

Chicago, IL - This past spring MediMatrix had the opportunity to meet with Portable X-ray and Portable Ultrasound professionals at the Mid-Year National Association of Portable X-ray Providers (NAPXP). This event is held to educated and inform Portable X-ray and Ultrasound providers across the United States on various topics including practices, billing rules and industry trends. MediMatrix was there to discuss several hot topics and to showcase many enhancements that were made to their service applications.

EMR Integration: One of the trending topics for Mobile companies was the availability to offer EMR (electronic medical record) Integration with their clients. Portable providers utilizing the MediMatrix system can now offer this solution to their facilities and keep them connected to their business. A previous case study had proven results that the HL7 technology used successfully connected the EMR to MediMatrix allowing users to transmit orders and reports.

Expanding Reading Options: MediMatrix had recently introduced their new import image gateway for those looking to expand their radiology options. The gateway takes prior DICOM images that may have been stored in a PACS for example, and imports them to MediMatrix. This gives the Portable provider the opportunity to take their images and manage them in house.

Conforming to Billing Changes: Medicare had recently updated billing rules and it was a hot topic of conversation at this meeting. MediMatrix has adapted the application so that users utilizing the billing components can stay up to date on changes. The system is one of the only applications that has tools and processes that pertain to the Portable X-ray industry.

Ordering doctor opportunities: Doctors are embracing new technologies and are expecting more from the tools and systems that are available to them. MediMatrix has recently revamped their Physician Application for ordering doctors and clinician groups. This application now utilizes HTML5 technologies allowing users to access across a multitude of up to date browser types as well as mobile devices. The newer Application also has a more intuitive user friendly interface, making it easier for doctors to access reports, images and patient records.


NAPXP is a national affiliation whose members supply portable xray and EKG services to nursing homes and home care patients.

WebInterstate Inc. specializes in the development of web applications and services for the healthcare industry. Their flagship product, MediMatrix, is a practice management service designed for the portable xray industry.