WebInterstate Inc. Debuts EMR Product/Service

MINNEAPOLIS, December, 2014- WebInterstate Inc, introduces new EMR interface solution, MediMatrix®-Channels, EMR Option. This new product offers a complete end-to-end integration solution enabling mobile medical providers utilizing the MediMatrix® application to effortlessly connect with the mobile client’s EMR.

Chief Technology Officer and CEO, Brad Nelson, saw the industry changing and worked with WebInterstate’s development team to create a solution that would adjust to the expansion of health information and technology and adaptation of EMR systems.

Mr. Nelson states, "Our company's job is to look into the future and design systems for our customers, and make them the leaders in providing patient care in the mobile radiology industry. We believe MM-Channels, EMR Option is a product that will achieve these goals now and in the future."

This cost effective solution was designed to work with a variety of EMR solutions allowing EMR users to push order and demographic information to the mobile provider’s MediMatrix management solution and to transmit results delivered by Webradiology Services reading groups, back to the EMR.

About WebInterstate Inc.:
WebInterstate Inc.'s development focus is to build cost-effective, web-based solutions by utilizing our extensive collection of web modules: scheduling, workflow management, billing management, records management, radiology services, EMR services, mobile applications for physicians and long term storage and retrieval of imaging and reports. WebInterstate Inc. develops software solutions that simplify business operations and easily integrate with long term care facility's radiology and EMR systems via their MediMatrix services. WebInterstate Inc. is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. For further information about the company or their MediMatrix services, visit www.webinterstate.com, www.medimatrix.com, or call 888-346-3030.