HTML5 – Move to mobile and make more money
By: Brad Nelson, CEO/CTO of MediMatrix, a division of WebInterstate –

If you’ve been paying attention to all the geeky chatter on the Internet over the last couple of months, you know HTML5 is the hot new thing. Finally, there’s something new to say about HTML technology. The last update (HTML4) cameout more than a decade ago, so HTML5 was long overdue.

I run a company called MediMatrix. We create solutions for the mobile medical industry, and we’ve always prided ourselves on being on the cutting edge new technology. So we anticipated the HTML upgrade and are very pleased with the benefits it gives our company and our clients.

Clients of MediMatrix have the ability to offer their customers – doctors and other health care professionals – the opportunity to view patients’ X-ray and ultrasound images in real time directly from their iPad or other tablet devices. Time can be of the essence in many cases. That’s why my company spent tens of thousands of dollars writing native applications for every new mobile device that came on the market. Take, for instance, a nursing home that has ten patients needing X-rays. Each of their doctors could have a different method for retrieving their DICOM images in an electronic medical record (EMR). So, despite the expense, we felt obligated to deliver the scans in the most efficient manner for the patients, the facilities and the medical professionals.

But the days of writing and re-writing applications for mobile devices are over for us. Here’s what HTML5 is doing for MediMatrix. Maybe your company can benefit in the same way ours did.

Only one application

Thanks to this new technology, we now write only one application for our HTML5 DICOM viewer and it works on all mobile devices. No more Java applets or Flash. Apple never did support Flash anyway. And we no longer have to write applications to be approved by the development teams at the Apple store or Windows store. At times, we wondered how much those developers even knew about our business. Now we produce a system we know is very usable for our customers. We can write code that’s exactly what we want because we know exactly what our clients need.

Time- and cost-saving

HTML5 helps us save time and money – not only from the development standpoint, but now we don’t have to pay a large percentage to iTunes every time we need a native application approved. That, in turn, keeps costs down for our clients. It also gives them the ability to more easily integrate into EMRs, something the federal government will begin to mandate in the not-so-distant future.

Complements zero footprint viewing

HTML5 complements our company’s zero-footprint DICOM viewer. Our clients don’t have to install or download anything other than a browser. This allows for universal viewing across all types of mobile devices.

We’re seeing the proliferation of mobile devices grow almost weekly and it will continue to do so in the months and years to come. If your business hasn’t made the move to mobile yet, now is the perfect time and HTML5 is the perfect way to do it. It’s easy and it saves time and money. Join the revolution of HTML5 users who are realizing greater business potential and profitability.

MediMatrix is redefining mobile radiology. They are recognized as an innovative company that helps portable radiology businesses streamline their operations and successfully manage patient's electronic medical records (EMRs), including development of their HTML5 DICOM viewer which works cross-platform on a variety of mobile devices.